Home Construction Adhesives PL 600

PL 500

Solvent Technology for Indoor & Outdoor Usage


  • TACK solvent based formula
  • No need to flash the solvent
  • Works under contact bonding conditions
  • No need to support joints with mechanical fixings­­­
  • Outdoor and Indoor usages
  • Overpaintable once dry
  • Water resistant
  • For porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Easy application at low temperature -10OC
  • Low odor
Scope of use
  • Pattex PL 600 is designed specifically for indoor & outdoor usages
  • Pattex PL 600 is compatible with a broad range of substrates including Wood, Metal, Brick, Ceramic, Concrete, Hardboard, Plasterboard, Plywood, Stone, MDF, UPVC, many Plastics.

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