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CF 920

Vinyl-Ester-Based Styrene-Free Chemical Anchor.


  • Can be used in various solid stones
  • Water-impermeable joint, i.e. no water can penetrate into the hole at the side of the adhesive compound
  • Suitable for galvanised steel, stainless steel, high-corrosion resistant steel
  • Secure anchoring in hollow brick; high load bearing capacity
  • No expansion effect, allowing attachment points to be placed close to edges etc.
  • Anchoring by composite form-fitting between injection mortar, sleeve collar, anchor rod and anchoring surface
Fields of application
  • Heavy load-carrying attachments in solid stone, concrete, porous concrete and light concrete
  • Suitable for attachment points close to the edge, since anchoring is free of expansion forces
  • Also suitable as repair mortar or adhesive mortar for concrete components
  • Attachment of anchor rods, threaded collars, reinforcement bars, profiles etc.
  • Used for medium-load applications in hollow brick. The injection plug can be used in hollow brick Hlz 4 to DIN 105, sand-lime hollow brick KSL 4 to DIN 106, hollow light concrete brick Hbl 2 to DIN 18 151and hollow concrete brick Hbn 4 to DIN 18 153
  • Suitable for attachment of façades, projecting roofs, wooden constructions, metal constructions, metal profiles, consoles, railings, grills, sanitary fittings, pipe connections, cable runs etc.

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